Policy Forum Executive Committee.

The Executive committee is made up of the Director, Deputy Director, Events Secretary, Editor in Chief and the four heads of our Policy Centres. 



Jonathon joined SOAS in 2014 and is one of the founders of the SOAS Policy Forum. He is currently completing an undergraduate degree in Politics and his main interests are inequality, the rise of developing economies and UK public policy.


ELLEN TVETERAAS - Deputy Director 

Ellen joined SOAS and the Policy Forum in 2015. She is currently completing an undergraduate degree in Middle Eastern Studies and her research interests include insurgency and the role of non state actors in fragile states.



Alienor joined the Policy Forum in 2015.



MIRKO YIMESGHEN - Editor in Chief

Mirko joined the Policy Forum in 2015. He is currently doing a Masters in Law, Development and Globalization, and is very interested in transnational relations as well as ethnic and race relation. 


SIREN BORGE - Events Manager

Siren joined the Police Forum in 2016. She is currently studying a BA in Social Anthropology and Politics at SOAS and her main interests are social policy and political sociology. 


LOUIS AKERMAN  - Head of International Economics

Louis joined the Policy Forum in 2015 and is a third year undergraduate student of Economics. His main interests include the economy of China, the recent economic crises and how to reform the global financial system so that it is both fairer and more stable.


SASHI SCHAFFTER - Head of International Law and Human Rights

Sashi started studying at SOAS in 2014 and joined the Policy Forum the following year. She is currently completing her LLB  and her main research interests are international laws regarding human trafficking and terrorism.



PANIDA WAYROJPITAK - Head of Global Security

Panida began studing at SOAS in 2015 and joined the Policy Forum that same year. She is currently studying International Relations, and her main research interests are counter-terrorism and emerging technologies in warfare.