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Examining an elephant: globalisation and the lower middle class


The Policy Forum is hosting Adam Corlett, of the Resolution Foundation, to present his latest paper on the effects of globalisation on the lower middle class of the rich world, at 6:30pm on Monday 24th October in 4429 in the Main Building at Russell Square.
The UK’s vote to leave the EU, the US presidential election and proposed free trade deals have all prompted renewed debate about the winners and losers of globalisation. The two decades before the financial crisis were “a heyday of global trade integration” in which international trade as a share of the global economy rose dramatically. Properly understanding the impact of this, and the nature of any losses, is key to ensuring that the renewed debate on globalisation focuses on the right questions.

His talk will explore how incomes across the world have changed over this period and what conclusions we can and cannot draw from such figures, focusing on the experience of low and middle income households in the richer world.

Adam joined the Resolution Foundation in May 2014, and his writing and analysis focus on tax and welfare, the labour market and fiscal policy. As well as his most recent paper, Adam has written on the effects of automation on the labour force, tax reform and UK living standards.

After the talk there will be a chance for discussion and free wine.

6:30pm, 24th October, 4429, Main Building, SOAS, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG

Examining an elephant: globalisation and the lower middle class

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